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The story of my survival behind enemy lines in Bosnia has been told many times in motion pictures, television, and the media. Jon’s role on the planning team was crucial to the Marines of the 24th MEU successfully rescuing me. It doesn’t surprise me that Jon would go on to rescue hundreds from the grasp of the Taliban 25 years later. His character and actions prove he is who we need in Congress.


I am an Afghan-American citizen. During the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, my pregnant wife and my son were trapped in Kabul while I was 8,000 miles away in Texas. I feared for their lives. When my own government wouldn't help, Jon and his team of former Marines worked day and night to hide my family from the Taliban and arranged for their evacuation, even making NINE secretive attempts to get them out. Jon didn't know me, or my family, but he did it anyways. This is the kind of man we need in Congress.


I am an American citizen who was stranded in Afghanistan after the collapse. We were in fear for our lives, abandoned by our government, and unable to escape. As a senior citizen I was out of my critical prescription medicines, with no way to get more, and no way to get home. Out of the blue, Jon found us. Jon and his Marines contacted me, somehow snuck medicines to me, hid us from the Taliban, and then got us out of there! I am forever grateful to Jon. He is a great American.


I'm a Marine. During the collapse of Afghanistan, I knew that my interpreter's life was in danger from the Taliban. He was trapped in Kabul with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. When my own government wouldn't help, I was forced to go on national TV to plead for assistance. Jon, working with the Marines on the ground in Kabul, saw me on television, contacted me, and working together we devised a plan to get my interpreter out. He is now safe and out of Afghanistan. Jon epitomizes "Semper Fi", always faithful.
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