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National security is the most critical issue facing our country. In the face of potential conflict with China, we are unable to recruit and retain qualified personnel in our military. As the Chinese surpass us in force numbers, our leaders continue to focus on diversity. I support a reconstitution and re-focusing of our military. It begins with de-politicization of the defense structure, followed by a rebuilding based solely on the tenets of strategic dominance and warfighting. 


Our economy is on the verge of being surpassed by China's. I am an unapologetic capitalist, firmly opposed to communism, socialism, or any variant thereof. The cost of living is out of control due to unlimited spending on radical agendas. I feel it myself every day, with two kids in college and one in high school. It needs to stop. I support free-market economics with limited government interference. I support lower taxes and responsible spending. We need to stop the policies that drive inflation and make our lives too expensive.


I am a veteran with 28 years of service in the US Marine Corps. I will be a fierce proponent of veterans issues. I have been personally affected by veteran suicide. We must strive to end the epidemic of veteran suicides as well as homelessness. I am a proponent of the use of alternative therapies to deal with veteran suicide, since traditional therapies are simply not meeting the mark. I would also propose that veterans receive a federal tax exemption for each year of honorable service, which would aid in solving the recruitement crisis.


Career politicians have failed in their greatest responsibility: protecting our national sovereignty. They have failed to protect us from poisonous Chinese fentanyl and the Mexican drug cartels. I support securing the border with all technical and physical security measures available, regardless of politics. Once our border is physically secure, I support the enforcement of our existing immigration laws and a re-examination of those laws. I support legal immigration in all forms. 


I support law enforcement. I believe that police are overwhelmingly good people. I believe many negative perceptions of police are fueled by social media and the increased exposure of citizens to those instances in which police act inappropriately. The fact of the matter is that deaths at the hands of police remain remarkably rare in the United States. I do not support "re-imagining" policing in the United States. I support the continued funding and proper training of law enforcement. 


I am a 2nd Amendment absolutist. It was not written for sportsmen and hunters. It was written to ensure we would never be subject to tyrannical government. I've seen firsthand the violence that can be done to an unarmed populace. I support a renewed and vigorous effort to prosecute and incarcerate those who use firearms in the conduct of a crime. Most importantly, the effort we put into protecting our schools must exceed that which we take to protect our banks.


My personal belief is that abortion is morally wrong. As a father of twin girls who are now young women, I would never want them to be forced to carry a rapist's baby. I believe in exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Somebody close to me was forced to have an abortion. I believe that we need to ensure there are resources available to provide alternatives. I personally believe that any civilized country would have limits to protect the unborn from pain and suffering and that those who support the termination of fully formed and viable babies are extremists.


Our children should be learning traditional academic subjects such as reading, writing, and the sciences in order to prepare them to participate in the workforce and society. I support policies that ensure classrooms are not centers of political indoctrination. I believe that children should not be exposed to any sexualized content. I believe that children should learn about the "birds and bees" from their parents and qualified health and anatomy teachers who don't teach issue-driven "pseudo-science." 


I support American energy independence. While I believe that carbon emissions from the combustion of fuels are detrimental to the environment, I do not subscribe to alarmist climate doctrine that states the world will end in a decade if we don't eliminate fossil fuels immediately. The world will continue to exist a decade from now, and long after that. I do believe that the world should and will continue to refine cleaner burning and zero emissions energy technologies, driven by innovation and free-market demand. 


The national debt and deficit soar to new heights, yet our "leaders" spend like drunken sailors. I support a comprehensive review of the entire US federal budget, with spending reductions where possible, without relying on new or increased taxes. The US federal budget must be re-booted and re-examined from the top to bottom. Cuts in wasteful, non-entitlement programs must be sought.  I support low taxes, business incentives, and less reliance on foreign labor and foreign investment. 


I am a strong supporter of term limits for all elected officials at the federal level. The original intent was for a government "by the people" and not by a permanent political class who would dominate the control of government through long-term occupancy of elected positions, and lock the regular citizenry out of the process. Politicians who use their status and power to enrich themselves though shady deals with foreign countries and bad actors. I support the imposition of term-limits on all elected officials. 

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