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I spent my entire life defending our country, but I never thought that my greatest battle would be against an "elite" class of politicians and bureaucrats right here in America. It was my job to send Marines into Libya in response to the 2012 Benghazi attack. As Americans lay dead and wounded, I had to fight the Clinton State Department to conduct the mission, until I was ordered to stand down. As a retired Marine I had to fight the Biden State Department to evacuate American citizens and allies from Afghanistan. I stood by our stranded countrymen and Afghan partners, and my team rescued hundreds despite politicians trying to stop us at every turn. Now I need you to stand with me to fight the political elite.


These are serious times for the United States, wrought with crises at home and abroad. Border security, fentanyl flooding our streets, foreign actors challenging us at every turn, and the cost of living is out of control. As a father of three, I feel the economic pain on a daily basis. Our current "leaders" ignore it all and focus instead on the latest social or cultural issue.

I will fight to restore SANITY to America. I will work to restore our national security, to crush inflation, to protect our sovereign borders, to care for our veterans, to keep Virginia strong, secure ALL of our constitutional rights, and to ensure that our children learn and grow free from political indoctrination.

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Jon is a lifelong, 14th generation Virginian.  He served with distinction in the U.S. Marine Corps for 28 years. Learn more about Jon here. 


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Jon is a straight-shooter who will tell you his specific position on any issue, unlike career politicians who avoid taking positions in order to appease potential voters. Learn more about his positions here.


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